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Research and Web Site User Reactions

"One of the most widely-used benchmarks for fine art is the Mei Moses Fine Art Index."

-Jonathan Eley, Financial Times, October 2012

"If the big auction houses are the stock markets of the art world, then the Mei Moses All Art Index (MMAAI) is their S&P 500."

-Institutional Investor, July/August 2012

"Tracking the trading records of specific art pieces, the index (Mei Moses) is an objective guide for investors and is rated by Morgan Stanley as one of the 10 most important asset indexes in the world"

-Asia News Network (China Daily), May 2012

"AXA Art applauds the reliability of the Mei Moses® indices and their methodology. The Beautiful Asset Advisors® web site is a valuable resource to all collectors and others following the art market."

-Christiane Fisher
President, CEO
AXA Art Insurance Corporation

"Professors Mei and Moses have transformed the analysis of art as an asset class. Their independent research is an invaluable tool for collectors, bankers, appraisers, wealth managers, and insurers."

-Andrew Augenblick
President of Fine Art Capital, LLC

"The Mei Moses family of fine art indices for the first time gives us the information that allows for the inclusion of art in asset allocation decisions. I was happy to include their results in my most recent books titled, the Art of Asset Allocation and Mastering the Art of Asset Allocation, published by McGraw-Hill."

-David M. Darst, CFA
Chief Investment Strategist
Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management

"I have found the Mei Moses Indices to be indispensable tools in appraisal assignments. In a field which requires the appraiser to make many subjective judgments, the indices provide clear objective data which serve as essential points of departure and points of reference for the appraiser to arrive at the best possible valuation conclusions. I enthusiastically endorse the use of the indices and will gladly recommend them to my many students and colleagues."

-Victor Wiener
Co-director Wiener Wolf Associates, LLC
Former executive director Appraisers Association of America